Saturday, October 17, 2009


From today onwards, a new zhi chee is borned.She will be hardworking.She will try her best to achieve things.She will work hard to enter IMU.

i think i have gone through few things in these day.i sometime hate myself,i sometime love myself.i dont know why....

i guess i wasnt a good girl, i dont deserved so many things i own now, i dont have the right to love ppl....i just duno why still got ppl will like me....
i tell u guys here...honestly, i am not good at satan...and i do meant not only ugly, i very body figure, pail shape very stupid and 气质可言

love is tough, that why god prevent me fr getting it...i appreciate it...thus ...i will try my best not to get involve in this thing. i will do back my zhi chee as i know, no love in her world...
i will change and transform to a heartless ppl....i wish i can do it....wish i manage to do it
bless me...i want to live more easy. dunwan so suffer

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