Monday, October 12, 2009


the life here is really terrible~
haiz...i guess is im too lazy...
i already accumulate quite a huge number of homeworks...
everytime, i plan to do it when i go back to my hometown
but everytime i will just play in my house
cant do anything in home...
thus sometime i will just feel like staying in kl thought the living expense is high
no choice what~

later on ...i found out most of my friends eager to go back home...
the problem is just that they cant
cause they dont have the transport!! their home is too far already
so, shouldnt i just appreciate for what i own?
should i go back home every week ?
cause my mum will be missing me
i guess so la
haha>< so, i think is because of that i want to go back home every week or maybe go back home then i will fell happier last time, i always wish to come out from home now i dont think i have that strong thought cause seriously home is the onlyh place for us when we have trouble no reason no excuse u can just park yourselves there no summon no extra charges in the contrary, they will pronide u food....cut down your usage wakaka.... family is really the most precious thing i have ever own last time quite hate mum and dad i shouldnt say hate it just dislike cause they always scold me lazy but...that is just a way they express their care and love towards me im just too noon abd stupid until i cant realised they just scare i will addicted to the comic , animation, internet and TV till i couldnt study they love me they dont want me to regret for being lazy like what bro do but i just misunderstand i even have a thought to comitted suicide because i thought they dont love me anymore i admit im quite jealous to someone that's why i scare they dont love and i will compare me to my siblings i knew i shouldnt do so but i just cant control myself i will think once i die they will have no burden over me they will released set free no need to take care of me no need to scold me and they can save energy they will be happy for this for sure that is what i think last time la now i know the truth they love me so so so much i guess la hahha>< i love them too of course~ for sure so to return...i must hardworking... study~ so that can repay them i have to be a doctor, successful one not for HIM no more for him and never for him as since the beginning i did this just for my family i really wish my parents will be proud of me i really wish i can provide all good stuff for my parents as i really love them as they love me i realised now ... it wasnt too late i guess from now i had to be super hardwork i wish i can transform i wish i wont be that lazy i wish i can challege all the people and defeat them i wish there will no more LOVE stuff interfere me i wish i will be healty to fight for this battle i wish my parents get want they want to get cause i will really try hard to help them get what they want within my ability pls:人总在会长大后才察觉自己的错处……庆幸,仍为太晚~

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