Monday, December 14, 2009


Friends, what are friends actually?

I can’t stop myself from wondering …. Shouldn’t friends be the port for us when we have problems? Shouldn’t friends always be with us when we need them? Shouldn’t friends share our happiness and sorrowness together?

I used to thrust my friends. I believe if I treat them nice, they will do the same way to me. But, I guess I was wrong. This is not the rule in this world. Nothing will be fair and nothing will like Newton’s Third Law, everything force will have an equal and different direction impact. You sacrifice for them but they won’t realize, some even will take you as a tool to achieve their motive. They will betray you and lastly, you will be the one that suffered.
I won’t stop anyone from treating their friends good, but I just want to remind you that friends are like two edges blade, they can make you laugh, bring lots great memories to you meanwhile they manage to bring you to hell. Trust me, you will feel damn suffer when you know the one you keep protecting and helping actually is the one that betray you. You can hardly imagine hard mean they are.

You can still have friends as human cannot live without friends and also MATES. Mates can also be our friends. Nevertheless, we need to make sure they worth the good we treating them. And never ‘mang zhong zhong ‘ treat someone nice, or else we are the one that get hurt. Sometimes, a suitable and comfortable distance between friends is good for both side.


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