Wednesday, December 30, 2009

yamapi~ #1 ---loveless

i Guess i really love yamapi~ yamapi ~ yamapi~ daisuki~
everytime i tell my family about him, my stypid brother will definately teased me and said why his name sound like a rude word. i quite wondered what is that rude word, hmm, but i guess i will never know because no one wants to tell me's ok for me^^ . I don't want to have bad image on yamapi because of some irritating people...
But, seriously need to praise him. He is not only splendid in acting, but also singing and dancing.arh..he is good in playing basketball too~ you can have a look on his new drama----> Buzzer Beat..not bad. i am sure that you will learn something from that drama. it is quite touching at the end part. whatever, i always touched, i know you want to say that. ^^

He is not came from a rich family but a normal to poor family.that's why i so adore him. he is a hardworking yet kind person..i deeply believe in that.^^ his song is not bad too^^ his new song really have to listen to it~ NICE

recently i think i will not be able to update my blog so often as my exam coming soon. hmm...but recently i got quite a lot of things to type and write...sob sob...if no exam then damn great...anyway, one month later i will be reactivated !! and then i will post some feeling after watching some japan dramas...have i ever told you that i love japan drama? hehe...japan drama is not too long yet full of story that can educate us. it is worth to watch. just dont know why people around me dont really like japan drama...just my secondary school friends love it...
   Yamashita tomohisa
           you may download it ^^

 PS: every moment, we will have an idol for our dream...but i just cant act like other, everytime, my love toward a ppl will soon gone. to everthing. that's why i want to record it down. i guess


  1. whoes is yamapi?@@
    btw the link on this post is broken o..^^

  2. ya meh? o.0 the link.....yamashita tomohisa ^^ a japan actor tat act in code blue, buzzer beat 野猪大改造 and 求婚大作战 ^^