Friday, December 4, 2009


prom night, should i go or shouldnt i..
i realise that going to prom night is waste of money as it is not easy to earn rm70.
it is true that jpa got give us allowance but really goin to prom is not a wise act.
i can actually use 70 for 2 weeks,
however , almost all my housemates goin, and that make me wondering...

im educated to be jimat cermat, not stingy but just save really hard to decide
liz gang most are going too, but if just girl going , i will goes.
but the problem is guy got go too.....if handsome guy then nvm, but is the type that will laugh at u !!! im not slim , no body shape. i scare they laugh lo..then i ugly wor...haiz

god decide for me...if group E has more than 13 ppl going, then i will go, promised


  1. sien diao..not counting like that one lar..
    prom nite give u another kind of different experience.
    if u never attend.can have a try.

  2. haha...finally i went... is quite fun de...overall. woth to try but i still kesian my rm70

  3. hihi,but eventually u went,n hv fun oso,right?!!!dun say no.....bcz i reli thought u had fun there^^

  4. yalor...hae fun coz of u ma~ keke
    ○(* ̄︶ ̄*)○