Friday, February 19, 2010


Hmm.. recently, i wore a ear ring that got a sign J.I guess Paul misunderstood already. haha, that was quite funny. He ask why i wear that ear ring, and i know he try to say
I got explain to him the real case, but i escape something too...i dint tell the whole story lar...paiseh ma.. > <

My family, got quite a lot funny experience. J is one of the story ^^. Almost abort me also another weird story..(luckily my mum didnt abort me XD)

J seems like got a relationship with my family. I forget when this happened, but i know is when i still very young~ before i pierced my ear...i pierced my ears when i was 6 years old. Hmm...I forget is that a monk or juz a 'dao shi', he suddenly request my mum to put christian name for us. Now, i feel quite weird as a monk or a dao shi wont ask chinese to put christian name as not the same religion. If really want to make changes on our name, sure is change my chinese name only....that's why i say this is a weird story ^^

He said if put , then our lives will become better. i doubting what he said actually. I dont believe name got that big difference...He give my brother jackie. At first we all dint bother this, but later when my bro started working, he had to used nickname to ease other. So now he is call jackie/jacky Chew...hahah...funny name...

My sister, he gave her a name too>< Jane..She seems like quite like the name but as she studied in high school, she prefer chinese name more. However, when she studied abroad at Singapore, NUS, she used that nickname as the people there all speak english~! then, she become Jane Chew now...hahah...honestly i quite like her name ^^

alright, i know you are curious about the name he gave me...i admit he got gave me too >< but i just never tell anyone...sound stupid the name for me...because the name dont suit me the name too good ad..^^ haha...ignoring

That's why i have the ear sister gave me when i was 6 or 7 years old. just recently i pierced back my ear so i wear it...dont u see the ear ring quite 'old looking'? and actually got another letter is C..just i break it cause the ear ring too old liao...that's why i just wear one J...^^

JC sound like the nickname the sifu gave me...really the sound is almost same with the shortcut of my nickname....but i never use the name before la althought my chinese name always create difficulty for teachers to pronouce....keke.. and when derek create janet for me i quite J too...but i hate janet !!!!!!!! i prefer the name sifu gave ^^ i hate suzy too !!!!! i just use chew zhi chee. i love my name, and i dont plan to change me...maybe one day i will use the nickname...maybe lar...

PS: if interrested with my name, then msn me lar,....i will tell you de

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