Monday, March 8, 2010


I am the type of person that are quite stingy. But not as stingy as my sister lar~
But when come to time to get back my money from those that borrow money from me, sometimes i dare not ask my money back. I will feel so shy to get money back. It's sound weird i know...
This also depends on who are the one that borrow money lar..

When planning someone birthday, i counted someone in, i quite shy to ask the money form her, then recently i ask from her, she said she didnt eat the cake, but at that moment i got ask her whether she want to eat or not...she refused..i counted her in actually...nevermindlor...i lose money..not too big the amount, but  enough for me to know her...^^ is worthy,if you see in different side~

Money really a trouble...haiz...
i wonder why someone born to be so comfortable to ask money back? i had learnt quite a long time ...until now, i ad separuh muka tembok~ ya...half way...please call me shi fu...haha
I really need to control myself from attending certain functions or events or xxxxxxx.....Seriously...吃钱!

im not jijiao on money stuff....juz when i dun ji jiao with u i wish i will get the same repay too....u wont ji jiao with me...but the often not the case...i have to say sorry...>< i will try my best to become more iron heart.... i promised ^^ !

This is good for both of us...the money u own me i will just clear it up....i will forget(try try try^^) but i had to say sorry time u borrow money from me,,, dun hope that i will pretend forget, ok? i will remember as i always sensitive in this cases...

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