Friday, March 5, 2010

Gathering @ 难得的聚会

Hmm...It's really a precious gather. It had been quite a long time i didnt meet him, erm, let me think, is about 2 months ad? haha....Seriously i damn miss him >,< I thought i can hang up with him during Chinese new year break, but this sem i had really short CNY break, if not mistaken, just 4 days!! can u imagine how fast these 4 days gone?

I got no time to meet my friends, cannot go sing K or even gamble,,,sien diao really... but luckily , i did make go out with my friend...^^ on last saturday

I never thought he will become so slim, ya i know, he always slimer that me, but this time seriously he become very thin. Is it because STPM? i wondering..

We plan to watch wolfman de, but the stupid cinema only have wolfman at 5 pm...who will wait so long just to watch that noob movie? haha... sorry to offence...

then...FROM PARIS WITH LOVE become our choice...when we buy the tickets, the whole hall just have 2 ppl, including us then just have 4 ppl...really

the actor look nice...but the whole story like no story, just movie that create for killing people scene..
got a part that quite embarrassing..haha, i just know drink 100+ and looking at the 'keluar '

the funniest part is i bought supposed to be finished during the show...but none of us eat it.....walao...really zadao .. and the hall is so so cool...luckily din wear shorts ^^

Ya...this is the popcorn...this is after the show finished...>,<

really very funny to see someone bringing popcorn out from the cinema...XD
and i becum the funny person
it's my honour....haha

We talk about debate stuff suddenly...This year i will sure go back to school to help junoir de, i really wish to claim back out face...that year, we lose..really make me so so sad...i admit, i cry that evening and night...hahha....cause really so sad... i thought we can win, i feel so bad, i think is my fault...i shouldnt pick the ball...haiz...Third place in state level so what? what we want is not third place but first! we want to go to KL so eagerly for the national level! I really cant understand why we will lose to that laoya team....Nevermind, it had i just wish there is still an oppurtunity for me to take part in debate competition again... ><

I LOVE DEBATE !!!!!!!!!!!
AS the third debater is a challege ...last time im so reluctant to be in this post...if not MS CHEE + MR TANG + MS LAI force the help of the betrayers Zhang Roong and Shu Shan , i wont accept this post....but now i love to be third debater...cause need not memorize anything...just depends on the 现场状况……see your reponse...

come back to topic....hahah
My friend..this friend,  ^^ . He always help me when i got problems, sometimes i also wonder why he know i have problems....haha...
Just like me, he is also quite lazy...but dont doubt his ability, he very geng ...both in academic and coco..
Always rely on him also make me feel paiseh....shouldnt rely on him so much de...haha

He say he want to study actuaral science, i will pray for him.... although i prefer him to study medicine...then we can help each other...haha ><
He say got one friend become doctor is enough... I guess, since long time go, i already promise him FOC for his treatment....haha

Haha...i really wish to be his friend forever ^^ Best friend i dare not say as we stay far apart now... he has his social cycle, i also have my social cycle... i just wish 50 years later,one day , we met , he will say hi to me...><
And if one day i lost my memory, i wish i could rmb him bside my family...cause i dont wan to forget i had such a nice friends....><

Btw...his name is zhangroong....hahah ^^ wish u luck in your STPM...

 hah...scold me la...for posting ur ugly picture....

PS:anyway, thanks for coming ^^ i do appreciate our friendship and i very look forward for the next gathering haha.....
PS:hui...see it? just friend!!! dont doubt me!!! dont belive mf...she bluff to trap me....u know how much she love me de la...

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