Saturday, March 13, 2010

last matter what people are doing, they hope they are the first to do so...Scientist wish they are the first person to discover a new thing, doctor hope they are the first to create a new cutting technique,student hope they are the first to get that great result.

Last time, im just the same as usual people. But now, i hope im not the first. Nobody will notice the first one...even tough i am the first person to say something to someone, or to great someone, he or she will never notice me or appreciate me...that's why i wish im not the first one. I wish im the last one, so, at least in their heart, wish remember me..^^

If im a scientist, im the last person that discover a brand new , greatest thing. Im the last student that have such a good the last person in your see...all these last is so nice~ haha.. I know you gonna say im crazy..well..i admit~ im weirdo!


  1. people these days are too competitive. *sigh* this is where all the kia su people are born.

  2. haha... u mean me hor...? nola.... i wish im the last...haha