Monday, March 22, 2010

The LOvely Bones Or Remember Me ?

haiz...i really wanna to have a movie now!! my mood is so terrible recently, hard to control myself, hard to control my emotional~ everything seems out of my control~ damn sad man....eagerly want to find a sad movie, to watch it! then cry inside the cinema~ cry till.............shuang shuang...seriously need to do so!!

long time no cry ad, i always give ppl an image that im fact just a normal girl...haiz..i feel like got something pressing my heart, sometime feel lack of oxygen...but it is only sometime...i think i really need to cry to release all these stuff out~ i duno why i will have this feel ..this is the main it because tired? or stress? haiz............

after crying will be much better i guess...but now i really no tear for me to i must find a sad movie...then cry!!!!!!!! lovely bone or remember me? remember me or lovely bone??!!

i had to be tougher!! ^^ smile always~ haha.....== if not ppl will realise my pblms....

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