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no title.... OR hanisha?

This  is all because of Hanisha... XD

Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun:

Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 20 of your friends here on facebook to answer this. Then see what happens ;)

If you're a guy, post this as - My Kind Of Girl.

If you're a girl, post this as - My Kind Of Guy.

Do you need him / her to be good looking?

not really...hmm...cause im not good looking also...well dressed then okay...

SURE... but smart not necessary mean must excel like god in exam. Smart, mean smart in making decision, think fast and clever....

Preferred age?

Same age? must be older than me! cant imagine younger than me....

Preferred height?

HAHAHA.....Taller if possible..... pls^^..but i think this is not my pblm cause guy care this pblm more....

How about sense of humor?

Sure...must be more funny than me >< then only i can be more happy mah.... Although the jokes sometimes is freezing....but better than nth...^^

How about piercings?

he can try...but just one...cause he may want to try different thing.

Accept you for who you are?

SWT....of course lar!!! if not?
Pink hair?

no pls....i dunwan pinky boy T.T
Mushy or not?

mushy mean? hahah....

Thin or fat?

Black, Brown or White? (skin colour).

hahah....darker than me pls ....hahahah
Long hair or short hair? long as tidy neat and good looking wf his hair
Plastic or metal?

hmm plastic and metal...i wan alloy...!!!
Smells good?



no....But can have some when got special function....or drink with reason...cant get addicted!!!
Girl/Boy-next-door type?

ya....haha...cause feel closer...^^
Muscular? muscular? I cant accept those body full with muscle..Feel damn will punch me..XD a bit bit then enough...small mouse enough ad....
Plays piano?

hmm...i dont know much about piano also...So doesnt matter...If he knows, then sure is added pt..
Plays bass and / or acoustic guitar

hmm...if compared with piano...hmm hard choice..cause bass and guitar rock my world...piano calm my world...
Plays violin?

enough of music instrument la....i prefer my son play ...can ?
Sings very good?

doesnt matter....if sing good, then great, if not, can amuse me also.... XD (jk jk)

I think is need will be confidence with himself...but not too MUCH...pls...cant accept those too over confidence with himself
With glasses? can.... cause he can help to find my spec if i lost mine....XD
With braces?

hmm...important? I dont have also....My teeth is bit weird rabbit teeth +tiger not big case..
Shy type?

Yup...Look cute la~ if im the only one that shy is unfair!!! but pls dont too shy>< dun more shy than me...

Rebel or good boy / girl?

hmm...rebel guy sound attractive...but i prefer good boy...><  slightly rebel?? hehe....

Active or passive?

Active ...heheh... im too passive ad (kononnya). so cant be passive + passive

Tight or bomb?


Singer or dancer?

dancer~ dance with me...i mean learn together.... XD


matter not,

Hip hop?

matter not


less than me....

Mr / Mrs count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?

no...cant stand this kind of guy....not safety at all!!! cause my list still......hahah...(ignore can?)


y....eah... hahah...CUTE >< hahahahha


ahhhhhh....ahhhh....dun lar~~ world with book only not boring ke?! some story book can lar...but not too much ><

Mr / Mrs Love Letter?


can be....cause wont be too bored...playful guy should me more mature?


ahaha... can..but not too much...cause is quite sufferin..I heard.. Why just dont want to be clear clear?! I guess i will give up the relationship if flirt too long time...cause i will easily give up thing that is uncertain

Poem writer?

if wrote for me....hahha


yeah....when it should be serious!

not necessary....drawer ....make me think of someone...haha mf ==


yup...must believe in god....but not too superstitious =P

Someone who like to tease people?

yeah...but not me...can ? tease someone i dun really like....hahha...XD im damn evil wei...No la...dun tease too much...cause will affect his image also
Computer games freak or Internet freak?

can...hahha...cause i like these two...but dont be too over la...have to organise his time well...

Speaks 20 languages?

lol...............= = i dont need a translator...i got translate dictionary...just few enough la...our main languages..MANDARIN!!! and...ENGLISH...and hokien, hakka...pls~need sum1 to teach me hokien ><  cantonese is quite common ad....
Loyal or Faithful

can i have both?

Good kisser?

ahahaha. no.........nono

Loves children?

yes!!! must be !!

Curiousity kill me......

I wish Im more stupid, But I am not!! Sometimes, i wish i don't know something but i just can sense it! Why? I just wish I dont know anything! Seriously, I wish I don't know anything!! Then i can be very happy and still lead my life like now....Freely, peacefully and happily!

But i guess im just too smart and observant!=.= And anythings about me i can just sense it, when people did it behind me...should I sad? or happy? to know that?

Now i agree to that statement ...Human are animals that very curious. Sometimes, People lie for your sake , want to protect you. But we just cant understand.We are just too curious to know the truth. Finally, the truth reveal and we are the one that injured...Everything, we find it for ourselves, the sorrow and sadness.....


I am too eager to know the truth. I expose myself to danger and now, I sense something wrong already. I think i know what is going on there. And now, I pretend i don't know...because im forced to pretend i don't know...If not, people will get hurted as well as me... I don't want to hurt anyone. At least at this moment, I still think that you are important to me...

People who saw this, no worry. I am OKAY!! just need time...a bit.. Luckily, one more day.....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

因为存在 所以感动

但是      现在的你
静静地 是因为累吧?

我   极易被感动
你   静静的
我   就已经   很足够了


真的 酱静静地  你
真的  酱安心了  我
真的 因为存在
真的 所以感动


They are few things i want to CLARIFY here ....
1. I am Chew Zhi Chee.我是周芷琦。I have no idea why people having problems to remember my name. Is it so difficult for you to call my name? Or to remember my name? Since primary school, Mr chen asked me to put a christian name. Secondary school, my form 1 history teacher kept calling the wrong name.(Sorry, I really forget the teacher's name). Even my english teacher, Pn. Lim, called me Chew gigi..or chew jiji..Don't ask me why is it so weird, as i also don't know ><.My form2 chinese and Form4 &5 History teacher , Mr. Tang, called me 周枝起zhou1 zhi2 qi3.You think this is all? No!! Later, in PLKN, my trainer also faced the same problems. He was damn mean. In front all of the trainee, he call me as...:' chew...Chew...apa ini?' -.- Really have the motive to bang him! I thought all these things will be over but seems like still too far to over. In matrikulasi, My hamsap lecturer again asked me to put a nickname. He even call me avril...simply because i wear tie loosely...He say very cool! swt....

Well, i study in UCSI. university level shouldnt be a problem, i guess. But... but.. is still UCSI!! MR DEREK is the one love to create a LOT of nickname for me...for no reason. I already taught him the way to pronouce my name yet he cant learn it. Haiz, what else should i said? Janet lar, Suzy lar, Shushi lar, Cheezel lar, Cheezy lar~ Stop laughing! your laugh annoyed me...lmao .. I know it is super duper awkward! i dont know how he cant think of these weird name! he think im food hor! sushi...cheezel pula... I wont give you eat cheezel even u call me cheezel!! Mr CHOONG also. But he still ok.. He just call me Chew Ze Chee...well, at least i know he is calling me. Just a bit weird, -.- haha... In my a level course, i just have 3 lecturers , But 2 lecturers already call me like this...I thought Ms Preeti will be o-kay before this because she never call my name. Today, she said :" call chee zhi is it? " in front of group D and C...walao eeeeeee~~~ oh my gosh~~ Is it that difficult to call my name correctly? chee zhi=cheezy ..Based on what sy said. I guess, after suzy, this will be another name surien gang will call  me =.='''

2.I know i Look damn familiar, but please dont mix me with other people lar,,,can? Today when i went to night market, Diana and Ying hui looked so excited when they saw me. They asked is it i just back from KTm station? (I actually want to go to Midvalley today...supposely..but i didnt ) I and Cui yi felt so weird. As I spent my whole day in my unit! Then they argued they really saw a girl looked like me, both of them saw it. They saw that girl really look like me walk like me and same size like me....but ...but .. I REALLY-DINT-GO-OUT-TODAY~!! T^T Then they started to scared....wakakak.. This is not the fisrt time people said like this. Kai Kai (Gwan kai) also always said like these!!! HE said he saw a girl look like me in his school. Another girl when he saw on the road also looked like me...puff~ everytime also say like this...I got that familiar meh? i mean my face..Asked him to snapped photo and show it to me also dont want..-.- haiz.... I think most probably he miss me too much in Seremban already...hahha XD.. Well, Im coming back next week, You can call me to go out YC de...but you just have 2 hours...XD

3. Every girl eat ice(吃冰) also  very happy de meh? Why Cui yi said i look so happy when i eat ice?! I'm not happy, im just a bit excited~ haha...cause the ice very cute arh~ Maybe is true that after eating ice i feel much better~ These few days really very frustrated... Luckily can go back home 2 days later  >< Eating ice, i know i shouldnt eat ice now but ...i already stop myself from eating sour and spicy things! We need to 'gu li' ourselves sometimes through food~! heheh ^^ (omg, i too frequently gu li myself thro food, tat's y i getting wider n wider)
so, I do love to eat ice...MAybe really make me happy~ haha... I very easily happy de ^^ little stuff can make me happy whole day~ wuhooo^^

Look delicious right? hmm ^^ but...RM 3.90 =.= Damn expensive....
the cuty cuty white and yellow ball very nice and cute >< hahah~ the taste not bad btw...


Sometime, not that i don't want to tell you.It's just i myself also don't know the answer. So, IM very sorry.It takes time for me to figure it out...let me have some time...haha~ seriously, no jokes!!! I dont know you have these pblms..i thought u have that pblms and not not observant??! hahah...

 I also duno what i want to say.. But i really dont know how to answer that question, im not smart enough ><. Told u before im noob!! Maybe what I want,is understand.....

sometimes....dissapointment also come into our lives...just like now... IT's time to stop!! yum  said is true? maybe.... true...should just xxxxx the ppl that appreciate.....

Monday, April 26, 2010






傍晚的图书馆很吸引人,冷冷的,静静的,很适合读书吧,我明天想要来这读书,我能办到吗?我不知道……真的得用功了~ 〉〈 真的,静静的图书馆,很适合我,很喜欢静,虽然那样显得我很寂寞,显得我很弱小、显得我很孤独。但是,人就是那样奇怪的,越是心情黑暗,就是越想融入黑暗中,那样,有让自己跌进谷底,再爬起的感觉。孤独也一样,我很感激他们今天让我孤身一人,那样,我才感受到不同的蕉赖。

从图书馆出来,又去了101。看了很多东西,但是只买了臭丸,(害怕蟑螂的再度来袭)想买腐乳,但是应该是考试过后吧~ 去吃晚餐,恰巧遇见朋友。是不用一个人吃,但是其实我还蛮想一个人吃的。因为能思考很多东西。我很喜欢胡想东西。哈哈哈~没法子,这就是我的怪异之处~

应该是要回家的,但是又不想回家~惟有去巨人超市。哈哈哈哈~买了超多东西的,贵贵的~现在有点后悔的,哈哈哈~不行,作了选择就不能后悔。因为紫菜有便宜阿,就买了两包回家=。= 很没有抵抗诱惑的能力啊~因为葡萄干很便宜,(还是觉得sunmaid的比ligo便宜),所以又买了~haiz,我对食物真的很无撤~基本上,都只是买吃的,而且还是垃圾食物!!给我爸知道,一定骂死我~因为真的很不健康!!

今天,真的很喜欢今天的傍晚,真的就属于我一个人的傍晚。虽然寂寞,但是我珍惜属于我的寂寞。我享受我的寂寞。因为睡气重,迷迷糊糊的就绕了远路,但是我庆幸我绕了远路。远路让我更了解这里,让我对这里有更深一层的体悟。让我爱上了,没有人的学校。(真的就是没有人的~别跟我说危险,我不会有危险的~哈哈哈哈~这是铁律!!) 让我静静地走在风中~很痛快!让我看一看,平时都不会有机会看见的景色。

人生有时也是这样的吧~ 有时绕一绕远路,也未必是件坏事。有时走得慢些,也不一定很悲哀。认为自己悲哀的人才悲哀吧~绕一绕远路,对自己的生活很有更深一层的体验,也会更坚定自己的想法,与目标。走得慢些,才了看见自己平时忽略掉的事、物与人……才会发觉,身边其实有很多比那些更重要的人、事和物。



Sunday, April 25, 2010



朋友,何为朋友?嬉皮笑脸的就算吗?今天,有人说,:“zhichee, you got many friends hor..." 是因为我畅销的关系吗?还是,因为我常笑?觉得,若是,他们肯向我诉苦,已经很好了,因为他们会想起我,也证明自己是满重要的,对别人。觉得,他们信得过我。觉得,他们在低潮时,只有我能倾诉。觉得,自己被人依赖着。觉得,至少自己还有利用价值……



bie zai wan nong wo le!!!


niyidingbuhuixiangxinba, ni yidingyiweiwoguyixianglikaini,bikainiba.yigenbenjiubudongwo.nishoubierenbudongni,nashiyinweinimeirangwodongni. woxiangliaojieni,danshiyoushiyouhuibeinishanghai.wobiandebuganjiejinnile. wozhendejuede,nizaiwanzhewo.henhaowanshima?zhendehenhaowanba,woxiang....nongdewozhimaolenghan,henkaixinshima?guyishouxierangwoshangxindehuahentongkuaiba.guyishuofengcidehua,nihenkuaileba.niweishenmenamexiaoqi?weishenme?jiushibuneng...rangwo....haiz...taiduoshixuyaowofanle.niyongyuandoubuzhidaowoduinideguanxin.goule...zhende,duiyubudongdezhenxideren,haiyoushenmehuayaoshuo?zhiqi,lizhixie!! qiangxie!!
biezaiwannongwolekeyima?zhendehenbukaixin,beirenwannongzhe...nizhendebuzhidaowoma? haishinizhidaohouhaiyaojixuwanwo? woxiang,zhanqie,wohuirenba,bijingshipengyou...dui,shipengyou a~















对自己的人生,又来越质疑。我说不想然他们察觉我的异常,但是父母偏偏就好像是知道的。今天吃东西时就聊到成绩,爸爸说我成绩差,应该……………………而妈妈说,不用尽拉,只要有A就好了。我没有要你拿第一,不要跟别人比。天!!!! 我真的是第一次听我妈这样说,我有点吓倒。我还有点鼻子酸酸的。



Saturday, April 24, 2010


Haiz, am i too careless? Yesterday, i want to pass some books to my friend. I accidentally put an exercise book on it. I do take it out but i just forgot where had i put it. Omg~ want to kill myself as that is not a normal exercise book!

I actually thought i had put it together with xin ciak books. I want to take it out before going back to seremban but i totally forgot! When i reached my hometown, then only i remembered. Immediately, i phoned My housemate, malays housemate to find that book foe me. This is because they wont know how to read.

Actually, The book is quite VERY IMPORTANT. Inside the book, I had wrote something.我写了很多不该写下来的东西。记录了生活某部分的事情,我的心情,及不愿面对的事。我用华语写,所以,绝对绝对不能让别人看见!!虽然里面没有写任何人的坏话,但是有我极为私人的心情与秘密。绝对不能,让人看见!不然会被人笑死~

i scare xin ciak will accidentally read it..But when they told me is not on the dining table, i become more scare. my housemate just laugh and say, got secret ar? ..= = I scare i accidentally pass it to my friend. that will become worse ==

Luckily, the friend say din take it. my friend say i Had take it out and put it to my room. What i need to do now is just wait and go back to kl and find it. If not in my room, then, its time for me to panic....and DIE... this is what we call 自作孽,不可活!

who ask me to write it down?!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010



粗口,我所谓的粗口,就是人们会在悲愤时用到的词语。男生多数都是粗口的喜爱者,而女生,也有不少的使用者。我是较为保守的女生吧,我不喜欢用,甚至不喜欢听。因为,粗口很粗阿~ 感觉对方不尊敬你,才会对你使用粗口。


虽然爸他没受什么教育,但是他很在乎我的教养问题。豪爽的他,不用考虑,就答应我了!他一定是不希望我学会粗口吧~ (话虽如此,他还是会说。只是,频率减少了很多。孝顺的我,也不忍拿爸爸的血汗钱。^^


你们记得七年前,有首歌很出名吗?那首歌是这么唱的:“we will we will ROCK you……”很悲哀的,我很无知,我忘记了ROCK这个字。我就很天真地从A到Z配音唱下去。就这样,当我唱到“we will we will F you……”,我妈妈劈头就骂,就差狗血没有淋在我头上。真的很无辜哦~我真的只是配音,我真的不懂那是粗口。或许是从那天起,我很避忌粗口~怕被骂!!


去年,我第一次,问妈妈粗口的意思。我忘记是什么粗口了,但是就是有问她!妈妈她这次没有骂我,反之,他耐心地向我解释粗口的意思。这让我有些受宠若惊。或许,我已经18岁了拉~ 也正因为我已经18 ,我才敢鼓起勇气问她。但是他解释了,我还是忘记了~哈哈哈~我对粗口这方面没什么天分 ><  中学,曾经请教过某位很熟悉男生(因为熟才敢问),他竟然!竟然不肯教我,说什么时间到了你就会懂~说什么不想教坏我的废话 =。= (我懂你是为了我好,谢谢你啦!)

我竟然MPK是粗口都不懂~好笨。当初还联想了很多东西,想来想去都想不到。就算懂事粗口,也不懂是什么粗口。现在,我也只懂,他是粗口,还懂她的全名。意思,一点也不懂。我觉得这样不好,自己以后生活的圈子,一定不会那么简单,懂一些,多多少少,也能保护自己。至少,知道别人在骂自己,然后,自己才能反击。(我不是用粗口反击啦~ 安拉!)
真的觉得自己,这样的自己很无知。海子~心里,现在存着矛盾。不想学粗口,但是好像又得学粗口。我的学不是学说粗口拉~ 只是懂就好了!矛盾中~



小时,哥他超爱欺负我。仿佛欺负我是他人生一大目标之一。他深知我很害怕鬼戏,他还逼我看鬼戏。妈妈与爸爸常常不在家,我就被逼陪他看鬼戏!他还无理的不让我用被~ 我本想用被遮着我的脸、眼,那么就不会害怕了。我还可以用枕头塞着我的耳朵。但是,每当紧张的时候,他就一把夺走我的被~狠狠很讨人厌!音乐,他也开到很大声。他本着不把我吓死,他就不罢休的念头整我。很可怜,我懂。


还有,僵尸戏。小学三年级,我参加邻居的生日派对。真的有够癫!他们四年级生,干嘛呀半夜看鬼戏?僵尸戏?我才小三啊~ 结果,我真的很害怕~邻居的朋友告诉他,他们并不是被戏吓着,而是被我的喊叫声~哈哈哈,这点……我真的很抱歉~哈哈哈,忍不住嘛~害怕就要叫阿。吓你并不是我的本意!然而,回家后,接受报应的人是自己。害怕的我,不敢独自睡觉。我尝试着,握着姐姐的手,还是久久不能入眠。(我的坏习惯,当我害怕时,就想握着人的手睡觉。比较有安全感。现在,当我害怕时,欣洁就成了受害者。哈哈哈~活该,谁叫他那么爱吓我?)我缓缓地爬进爸妈的床,但是还是被他们发觉了,被他们赶出来。我还是不敢回房,所以就在地板上睡了。但是睡之前,还是不断在幻想。幻想,是我其中一个终生事业吧~哈哈哈……

最近,因该不是最近了,我随着一群人去看戏。起初,我们是要看一出普通的戏。但是因为它普通到没有票了,我们被逼选另一出戏。我朦胧朦胧地坐在一边,突然有位叫paul的男生,问我能不能看CASE 39。好奇的我当然会问是什么戏啊~他就敷衍我说,comedy comedy……


原本,以为情况会好些,怎知,越来就越恐怖!我简直是吓倒,把脚拿起来,然后把头埋在冷衣下。很恐怖好不好?!我不敢脸相荧幕,更不敢脸相空空无人的那一面~ 只好面向翅膀。好恋的他,担心我会抱他!(绝对不会有这种破天荒的事发生!我是谁?有胆小到那么样吗?更何况,它是男的==,还是有家室的。)不过,他应该是发觉到我好像真的很怕,问我需不需要出去一下下。好胜的我,怎么会出去?打死我也不会。最多在里面被吓死。而且,我已经看了一部分~现在出去的话,一个人会被吓倒的。


可是,可是,可是。。。T^T, 前天我念书时,我又回想到了。我很努力的让自己专心念书,尽全力的排除障碍。但是,就是有一个很怪异的声音出现在我耳边。我想啊想啊,就联想到lily了。>< 想啊想啊,就毛骨悚然,开始流冷汗。当时,我一个人在房间,欣洁很刚巧的,在客厅。萃逸,又很凑巧地,去了朋友家。只有我一个人在房间!!很害怕,但是又不敢下床,担心下床的话,lily就会冒出来!很可笑~





白羊座: 大女人主义的她,会撒娇吗?偶尔会吧,也许在发烧的时候。

金牛座: 做事慢吞吞的她,撒娇以来可能有点像梦话。梦话归梦话,但不是没有啦。尤其看到什么美食,想以身试法的时候。

双子座: 这个星座的MM做事自己,不喜欢靠别人的帮助。当她对你撒娇时,可能是她的双重性格转换到女人温柔的一面。
巨蟹座: 身为家庭的贤妻良母,不会撒娇怎会抓住男人的心。她们可是熟读《撒娇秘籍》的哦。

狮子座: 星座中的女强人,怎么可能总低头像人撒娇呢。如果她对你撒娇,你因该感到荣幸,因为你是她最爱的人。

处女座: 这个星座的MM,想听到她们撒娇可能会困难点。因为她们大部分时间都花在挑剔上,想听到唠叨容易,撒娇难。

天秤座: 这个星座MM靓丽活泼,开朗大方,代人热情,天真善良。你对她好,她不会以德抱怨。所以想听到她们撒娇并不难。

天蝎座: 这个星座的MM把阴柔发挥到极致,只要你对她们真心实意,不离不弃,决不背叛。她们撒起娇来能把你们甜死,这也是她们的杀手锏。

射手座: 射手MM作风硬朗,像个假小子。而且令很多男生郁闷的是,她根本不把男生当回事。认为女生并不比男生差。她们撒娇肯定是有求于你。

魔羯座: 这个星座MM是典型冷美人,她们不太懂得,也不喜欢撒娇。她们深恶痛决地讨厌依靠男人,她们认为如果撒娇有用还工作干嘛。

水瓶座: 古灵精怪的她,经常用撒娇、耍赖等恶劣手段戏弄男生,因为她们觉得自己的智商够高。也许她们经常撒娇但不一定都是认真的。也是有时只是戏弄你而已。

双鱼座: 这个星座MM普遍有幻想症,经常有梦幻的想法。比如说把自己想象成童话中的公主,既然是公主,那么撒娇的事是太正常不过的事了 。





  好强好胜的她哪有闲情装可怜,什么事情都直截了当。你顺着她的意,高兴时奖励你一个Love kiss;如敢不从,那么就跟你闹翻天,让你永无宁日。




  在你面前服软,那也太丢面子了,她怎么会做这么不开窍的事?对你有所要求,那是看得起你,你还别装蒜。狮子没发威,并不代表她是戴着假发的hello kitty。










Sunday, April 18, 2010


读书,最近都是闷闷的~好想读,但就是读不进。讨厌这样的自己。好讨厌~ 老是想东想西。。烦啊~

happy ^^

Hmm... just realise
I am still happy with you
I thought some things had already changed
But now i know, Everything still the same ^^
so glad, we can back to normal ^^
still the same...luckily...huuuu~~~~~~

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Just want to say sorry for what i had done.
Maybe it is too obvious till you also can sense it.
Just sorry. I dont mean to ignore you,
I just dont know what to do, im Sorry...
seriously If i did hurt you.

I'm not hate you nor dislike you,
just something had happened and
it make me feel like you very______.

Im so sorry T_____T
you wouldnt know what i feel right now
you will never understand me
as i also quite blur...
I dont know whether i am right or not
for treating you like this
I dont know have i exceed the line
I dont know should i stop it.....

i just  know u treating everyone else the same as u treat me
should i trust you?
or shouldnt I...
I really sick of this...
So eager want to get rid of this
I couldnt concentrate
because of............
the kind ,cute and attractive you...

I seems to run so far from my point..
anyway, Just want to say sorry
I really really do not mean to ignore you
nor dont border you
I know it is obvious that i very 'leng dan' recently
i know it so clear that i keep myself away from you
but you wont know i actually___________
Just let me have some time to figure it out what i think
Sorry again~~~ > <

Friday, April 9, 2010



醒醒吧~ 怪可怜的,自己。想要多了解自己,却在害怕着。害怕了解到真正的自己。干脆忽略。干脆逃避。干脆放弃。我懂这样做很错,但是,但是我就是没种!对不起,ZR。您对我的教导好像真的有些白费。不好意思,我会反省的!!

但是,暂且就让我逃避吧~ 》《

Saturday, April 3, 2010


有一个人 你一上线就会去看他在不在
不在就一阵失落 在 又不敢打扰

有一个人 他的状态签名只要一换
你立刻胡思乱想 揣测不安

有一个人 你总是忍不住去看他的空间

有一个人 你会看他的最近来访和留言
然后又胡思乱想 揣测不安

有一个人 你一直在等他
自己有点被这帖子吓倒~ 因为最近的自己好像遇到这问题了~天啊,我刚刚post the blog讲的就是这问题,而下一秒,就看见此帖子。说没被吓倒是假的。
我真的不是……吧? 对拉,不是不是。致亲爱的另一位女性朋友,别说我不会分,不懂自己的感情。我应该会的,多多少少,毕竟我已经十九岁了!让你担心,对不起啦~ 是你多虑了。

Friday, April 2, 2010


Dont know why..hmm Recently just can't help myself~

很讨厌自己那么,反反复复的!加油控制自己!! 爱自己噢~
PS:每每遇到她的事,就变得很语无伦次~> <

request from me~ if u see it

Maybe I really don't know him as much as you know, but i choose to believe him. I know I am noob and always lack of the skill to differentiate truth and fault, this time can you let me choose? I know u do all these stuff for me...for the sack of my future ...............but I want to bet.

He maybe not as good as what we think, but we cant deny his strength. He got a lots of weakness, We both know these. Honestly, he was not a good person but he is changing, aren't him?
I choose to be his friend as i believe this friendship. I believe this friendship is worthy. That is why I want to please you...please not to talk about his weakness in front of me....I knew his weakness, although not all. HOwever that is much more than i need to know. So, PLEASE stop attacking him behind him. In front of him, you are so close to him and so friend with him. Seriously I can't believe you can do these to him. This make me pity him more. This just push me towards him.

What i want to say is just can you let me have a choice? I am 19 years old and i quite trust my analysing and intepreting skill. If really got any problems, I think I am smart enough to protect myself. Whatever happens, I wouldn't run to you and beg you for help. Trust me. I will settle it myslef

SO, please don't talk about his badness in front of me already.... This annoyed me. I like him as friend and i take him as friend yet you didn't respect my choice  and talk about his bad thing right in front of me. please lar~ I admit you have great influence on me, so this time, NO MORE !!!

Lastly, Thank for your co-operation ^^ Still wont hate you lar~ we are friends what~ just wonder why you want to do like this~