Saturday, April 24, 2010


Haiz, am i too careless? Yesterday, i want to pass some books to my friend. I accidentally put an exercise book on it. I do take it out but i just forgot where had i put it. Omg~ want to kill myself as that is not a normal exercise book!

I actually thought i had put it together with xin ciak books. I want to take it out before going back to seremban but i totally forgot! When i reached my hometown, then only i remembered. Immediately, i phoned My housemate, malays housemate to find that book foe me. This is because they wont know how to read.

Actually, The book is quite VERY IMPORTANT. Inside the book, I had wrote something.我写了很多不该写下来的东西。记录了生活某部分的事情,我的心情,及不愿面对的事。我用华语写,所以,绝对绝对不能让别人看见!!虽然里面没有写任何人的坏话,但是有我极为私人的心情与秘密。绝对不能,让人看见!不然会被人笑死~

i scare xin ciak will accidentally read it..But when they told me is not on the dining table, i become more scare. my housemate just laugh and say, got secret ar? ..= = I scare i accidentally pass it to my friend. that will become worse ==

Luckily, the friend say din take it. my friend say i Had take it out and put it to my room. What i need to do now is just wait and go back to kl and find it. If not in my room, then, its time for me to panic....and DIE... this is what we call 自作孽,不可活!

who ask me to write it down?!!

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