Wednesday, April 28, 2010


They are few things i want to CLARIFY here ....
1. I am Chew Zhi Chee.我是周芷琦。I have no idea why people having problems to remember my name. Is it so difficult for you to call my name? Or to remember my name? Since primary school, Mr chen asked me to put a christian name. Secondary school, my form 1 history teacher kept calling the wrong name.(Sorry, I really forget the teacher's name). Even my english teacher, Pn. Lim, called me Chew gigi..or chew jiji..Don't ask me why is it so weird, as i also don't know ><.My form2 chinese and Form4 &5 History teacher , Mr. Tang, called me 周枝起zhou1 zhi2 qi3.You think this is all? No!! Later, in PLKN, my trainer also faced the same problems. He was damn mean. In front all of the trainee, he call me as...:' chew...Chew...apa ini?' -.- Really have the motive to bang him! I thought all these things will be over but seems like still too far to over. In matrikulasi, My hamsap lecturer again asked me to put a nickname. He even call me avril...simply because i wear tie loosely...He say very cool! swt....

Well, i study in UCSI. university level shouldnt be a problem, i guess. But... but.. is still UCSI!! MR DEREK is the one love to create a LOT of nickname for me...for no reason. I already taught him the way to pronouce my name yet he cant learn it. Haiz, what else should i said? Janet lar, Suzy lar, Shushi lar, Cheezel lar, Cheezy lar~ Stop laughing! your laugh annoyed me...lmao .. I know it is super duper awkward! i dont know how he cant think of these weird name! he think im food hor! sushi...cheezel pula... I wont give you eat cheezel even u call me cheezel!! Mr CHOONG also. But he still ok.. He just call me Chew Ze Chee...well, at least i know he is calling me. Just a bit weird, -.- haha... In my a level course, i just have 3 lecturers , But 2 lecturers already call me like this...I thought Ms Preeti will be o-kay before this because she never call my name. Today, she said :" call chee zhi is it? " in front of group D and C...walao eeeeeee~~~ oh my gosh~~ Is it that difficult to call my name correctly? chee zhi=cheezy ..Based on what sy said. I guess, after suzy, this will be another name surien gang will call  me =.='''

2.I know i Look damn familiar, but please dont mix me with other people lar,,,can? Today when i went to night market, Diana and Ying hui looked so excited when they saw me. They asked is it i just back from KTm station? (I actually want to go to Midvalley today...supposely..but i didnt ) I and Cui yi felt so weird. As I spent my whole day in my unit! Then they argued they really saw a girl looked like me, both of them saw it. They saw that girl really look like me walk like me and same size like me....but ...but .. I REALLY-DINT-GO-OUT-TODAY~!! T^T Then they started to scared....wakakak.. This is not the fisrt time people said like this. Kai Kai (Gwan kai) also always said like these!!! HE said he saw a girl look like me in his school. Another girl when he saw on the road also looked like me...puff~ everytime also say like this...I got that familiar meh? i mean my face..Asked him to snapped photo and show it to me also dont want..-.- haiz.... I think most probably he miss me too much in Seremban already...hahha XD.. Well, Im coming back next week, You can call me to go out YC de...but you just have 2 hours...XD

3. Every girl eat ice(吃冰) also  very happy de meh? Why Cui yi said i look so happy when i eat ice?! I'm not happy, im just a bit excited~ haha...cause the ice very cute arh~ Maybe is true that after eating ice i feel much better~ These few days really very frustrated... Luckily can go back home 2 days later  >< Eating ice, i know i shouldnt eat ice now but ...i already stop myself from eating sour and spicy things! We need to 'gu li' ourselves sometimes through food~! heheh ^^ (omg, i too frequently gu li myself thro food, tat's y i getting wider n wider)
so, I do love to eat ice...MAybe really make me happy~ haha... I very easily happy de ^^ little stuff can make me happy whole day~ wuhooo^^

Look delicious right? hmm ^^ but...RM 3.90 =.= Damn expensive....
the cuty cuty white and yellow ball very nice and cute >< hahah~ the taste not bad btw...


  1. where can get the ice???

    then u jz introduce urself as 'bei di' rather than chew zhi chee.since it was so easy to remember..^_^

  2. in pasar malam lo...haha
    haiz...they dun believe i call beidi...i cant help arh~~~
    bei di...this name ad how many years ar? noob brother...later i post a post bout sausage lau...u sure will tick funny de lor....==