Friday, April 2, 2010

request from me~ if u see it

Maybe I really don't know him as much as you know, but i choose to believe him. I know I am noob and always lack of the skill to differentiate truth and fault, this time can you let me choose? I know u do all these stuff for me...for the sack of my future ...............but I want to bet.

He maybe not as good as what we think, but we cant deny his strength. He got a lots of weakness, We both know these. Honestly, he was not a good person but he is changing, aren't him?
I choose to be his friend as i believe this friendship. I believe this friendship is worthy. That is why I want to please you...please not to talk about his weakness in front of me....I knew his weakness, although not all. HOwever that is much more than i need to know. So, PLEASE stop attacking him behind him. In front of him, you are so close to him and so friend with him. Seriously I can't believe you can do these to him. This make me pity him more. This just push me towards him.

What i want to say is just can you let me have a choice? I am 19 years old and i quite trust my analysing and intepreting skill. If really got any problems, I think I am smart enough to protect myself. Whatever happens, I wouldn't run to you and beg you for help. Trust me. I will settle it myslef

SO, please don't talk about his badness in front of me already.... This annoyed me. I like him as friend and i take him as friend yet you didn't respect my choice  and talk about his bad thing right in front of me. please lar~ I admit you have great influence on me, so this time, NO MORE !!!

Lastly, Thank for your co-operation ^^ Still wont hate you lar~ we are friends what~ just wonder why you want to do like this~

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