Saturday, April 17, 2010


Just want to say sorry for what i had done.
Maybe it is too obvious till you also can sense it.
Just sorry. I dont mean to ignore you,
I just dont know what to do, im Sorry...
seriously If i did hurt you.

I'm not hate you nor dislike you,
just something had happened and
it make me feel like you very______.

Im so sorry T_____T
you wouldnt know what i feel right now
you will never understand me
as i also quite blur...
I dont know whether i am right or not
for treating you like this
I dont know have i exceed the line
I dont know should i stop it.....

i just  know u treating everyone else the same as u treat me
should i trust you?
or shouldnt I...
I really sick of this...
So eager want to get rid of this
I couldnt concentrate
because of............
the kind ,cute and attractive you...

I seems to run so far from my point..
anyway, Just want to say sorry
I really really do not mean to ignore you
nor dont border you
I know it is obvious that i very 'leng dan' recently
i know it so clear that i keep myself away from you
but you wont know i actually___________
Just let me have some time to figure it out what i think
Sorry again~~~ > <

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