Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

MUMMY, happy mother's day~
Actually i want to make a crad for you, but seems like i really cant make it!!!
Seems like someone had guess it correctly =.=
hahah ^^
nevermind~ just wan to tell you... I sayang you !!! forever...
thank for being my mum, cares for me for so many years...
a lot things to tell you but now i lack of time...
wanna tell you....though i dont know is it correct
you born choose to born that almost died child
chooose to 'lay' me ...the naughty. super notty, not obedient daughter..
the crazy, useless, ugly, fat...daughter >.< but also the SMART and also xiao sun de daughter...hahha ><
...but ... i really thank you for choosing this least so grateful that u bring me to this world
Because of you, i saw this world, i knew many friends, i knews many people that love me.... thank a lot..
 I had see many handsome guy and pretty girls....
thank...this is all because of you...thank !!! i really thank you !!
though now im vr this world
but i still thank you.... you mum
MuMMY...if i say..
I want to go back home now can?
i really wanna be your side...
i really wanna hug you....>.<
here i can hug nobody...i just wan to hug someone now...eagerly...
can i go back now? i dont wan to take test >.< wont love the child that love to avoid probelms right?
you wont love child that skip test right?
i want you to love me...
that's matter what
i will withstand it without breakage..
i have high tensile strength and hight compression strength...
really....just for mum
please continue to love me for the rest of my life....
i will do my best....though now i got no moood to study...but
for you...i will study no matter what....
just wan to make you happy and proud of me...
wait me get my result around my birthday ok?
i guess will release around my birthday
that;s is my gift to you..
i will do my best...
because i love you mum ><
love you sososososo much...
thank again mum...for loveing and caring me
i need you ... i cant do without you...
mum...happy mother;s day
please...stay healthy always... and happy always..
no worry, got will always be happy~ i will make you im you happy fruit ^^
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!! muackz

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