Friday, May 7, 2010


Recently, Found some splendid ear foods ^^. Some discovered by myself, some recommended by my friend >.< Thanks a lot for providing such a addictive food for my soul...

Most played :
1. What you waiting for
2. In my head
3. Whataya want from me
4. Baby
5. Need you now
6. Your love is my drug
7. Your negativity
8. Fallin' for you
9 .Hero
10. Nothing on you
11. If we ever meet again
12. Hey, soul sister
13. Two is better than one
14. Break your heart
15. Torn
16. The world's greatest
17. Rude boy

PS: If you got more nicer songs ...PLS do tell me >.< cause i unwilling to miss more songs ....lalala ^^
PS: 1,2,3,4,6,7,14,17 songs that u will sing along.... you will nodded your head or tap your toes while listening..>< cause they are not 'wen rou'!!!!!! watever...

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