Thursday, June 24, 2010


Everyone is talking about their attachment recently. Well, im not going to those well furnished government nor private hospital. Where am I now? I am just at a little clinic, a policlinic. Everyone has their awesome stuff like, they saw some colonoscopy, urine test or blood test...I dont have this!! what i saw maybe just some injection and taking blood sample and measuring blood pressure.

Not to forget, The neurofibrosis patient. That patient actually brought her grandchild to seek the doctor. I was just so lucky that able to saw her. Dr Siew very nice, he explain to me the detail of this disease. I used to be a naughty and curious student in the class, but i just too afraid to ask doctor question that i wished to ask. Maybe because for me, doctor is too 'huge' for me to disturb.

Most of the time, i was just standing there and observed the way he face and communicate with the patient. As you know, i had my attachment in policlinic, don't expect there will have some interesting stuff there. Rarely will have special case, it was just common cases most of the day. Patient taking MC, measuring blood pressure , measuring blood glucose level.... But in the clinic also, i saw something that was too usual that was unusual in hospital. The relationship between doctor and patient, i guess.

At first, i quite scare to go to clinic. But you know, the nurses there ae super duper nice. Well Mrs. Siew is kind too. Glad to know them. They treat me really nice and one nurses even treated me like her child. What she taught me wasn't the way to take pills, collect pill, dispense pill and identify the pills. What is taught me is the way to become a student, a medical student, a human. I cannot doubt her ability to change me from a quiet, only standing girl to a girl that is more 'talkative'. Thank to her. I know for my knowledge level now, to ask deep question wasnt suitable for me. Besides, I know too much things now also useless as i most probably will forget the next moment. What i need to learn wasnt the scientific knowledge. this kind of knowledge i will learn in degree. What i learn right now was more mental side...

I dont know what i am doing now.. and i dont know where am i now. But i know i will continue learning as much things as possible in this following days. I will appreciate this oppurtunity, and try not to waste it!! I dont know whether i will choose to study medicine next year and take doctor as my career, but at this moment , i still want to try...still want to follow this path...untill the moment i want to change. Before that monent reached, i will still work hard, because this is my will.

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