Thursday, July 22, 2010


Thanks for anyone and everyone that stand beside and behind me, hold me when i am going to fall. Really want to give a big hand to you guys. I know what should i do now. Thank for your ideas.

Ya, my cases are slightly, oops maybe much more worse than yours. But believe me, I will stand much more stable than you. Why? Simply because Im Chew zhi chee----the SHERO in someone minds. You gonna be tougher, as your case was just a kids' case compared to mine. I know, deeply, ages later, i will  take my case as baby case too. But now, I really have huge trouble in solving it.

Trust me. I can cope with it. AS you said and as you hoped. i will do it that way, so you wont disappointed! whatever~ i just love it...whatever~ lolx. I will throw myself into the valley...and slowly i will heal and i will climb on another greater mountain. It's just a climb.

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