Monday, July 5, 2010


Seriously, i hate coming back to kl..seriously hate hate HATE so much... But had to come back, what to do? who ask me to dump kmm and come to UCSI. I need to receive this as my balasan....haha...

What to do? What else should i do? why so many cockraoch? cant you guy just stop annoying me? im frustrated! PLease leave me alone. Just wanna be alone, have a single time alone...Thank.

Things come and go, things you cant hold just let go... It will be better^^. Stop stop stop...cant you see there have red sign?? Whatever was my code..please dont inimate me. I just wanna be silence... Just wanna sleep..Just wanna eat little....sorry, no appetite seriously...>.<

Whatever it is, face it with your proud-est ways... your common ways of handling these... please dont do it till it is so obvious that you are doing what you did at get what i mean??

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