Friday, July 30, 2010

big big world

I'm a big big girl,
In a big big world,
It's not a big big thing, If you leave me
But i do do feel,
But i too too will miss you much,
Miss you much......

Just simply love this rotten and simple song. Maybe because it is simple, I like this song. The  keep repeating lyrics make people think this is a kid song but for me, It much more better than kid song. Lyrics strongly illustrate the inner world of a little girl.

Personally think that, this is not a big big girl song. Ya, lyrics stated there Im a big big girl, I feel it is just a small girl pretending tough and strong. Pretending she lead a good life without that person. I have no idea whether that person is a guy or girl. I just know someone that really meant to her, leaved her. She does feel sad but she has no choice. She cannot expressed her depress, maybe because of her pride or her situation not allow her to show it. If shi did show it, many people around her will get hurted. he choose that convinced herself that It was not a big big thing that she dumped by that person.

Why I said so? Simply because she said but i too too will miss you much. She cannot let that person go, she just pretending... She choose to miss that person secretly. She knew she need to forget that person, She got to find somebody to love. But sometimes, we just lose to our emotion. We hard to control what we feel. She misses someone  that she should not miss. She does not want this thing to end so early but she got no choice. This had happened she had to accept it... Although she really miss that person very much. MIssing alone....very much...

LOL...I have no idea what am I writing or typing . Just crapping...haha..Heard this song somehow accidentally or intentedly...just a song...LISTEN and forget it...OR just sing along...

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