Friday, July 16, 2010


Tends not to care anything, Tends not to be emo, But just cant hold my own emotion. I really know what am I doing. I really know where is the line and when is the deadline. I do.
But it's just too hard for me to say NO. I know i deserve a better treatment. I know i have better conditions.
But we are silly, arent we? We just tend to believe the illusion. The illusion is just too sweet for you to ignore.
Enough.. I really not as tough as you think, nor as brave as you believe. You have no right to do such terrible things on me. Dont break my defence line. I know I lose. And i know, i can never forgive XXX.
The only chance to win is just sit back to my place, lead my happy and satisfied life while enjoying the awful show.

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