Wednesday, February 2, 2011


U made me breathless
U made me speechless
U always have the power to made my mouth curve down
U lead me to the heaven and drag me to the hell

I'm really tired, U know?
I tried my best not to hurt U
tried to assist U and be your best friend
and so far i think i did my best but
It's too heavy for me to carry on this task
In the end i will be the pity one that cry
sadly, in sorrow ,lonely in the corner...
Will you allow me to fire myself?

Should had listen to U
Should had learnt her
Should had treat u like nothing
Should had end the friendship....
Should had never know you
Will now be late?
To change everything over?

There are things in this world,
U will be in happiness if
U don't know them,
N u r one of those to me...

I know U will live well with' me
cause i know u will...
I really don't need sorry from U
that just made me feel i'm more pity
Don't try to superimpose me to those
sad movie main character

Till now still like you is my fault
Till now still think of you made myself sound pity
Till now still din hate you is out of people expectation...
Don't worry ^^
I will figure out a way to forget you by myself from now
love to use ^^ cause it remind me about u
but now i will try to limit this usage..

I wont be your burden
If U think i'm pity,
If u think u owned me too much,
If U feel sorry to me
If u don't want to my kindness as granted,
If U want to repay me
If u wanna help me
Then just act like the mermaid princess..

Once U made me feel like im mermaid princess
U want me to disappear like bubbles...
This time I don't want to become mermaid princess
Can U bless the prince and the neighbour kingdom princess?
silently diminish like bubble?

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