Friday, February 18, 2011


This suppose to be the end

For once someone tell me that,
is to prepare yourself,
is to have a better start...

should this follow this rules too?
I hope for a better start...
not the kind of start u might think...
It just I wish i can lead a brand new life
without u without him and without heSSSSS
I want to enjoy not to like anyone
but being liiked...? i duno..

I am not dumb child that need to touch hot kettle
many many times to know that we cant touch
Instead, one time enough...
I scare of hot kettle ad..
truly scare,
Scare till i darent use kettle as i know i might
accidentally touch the hot surface if i had used it

Not using kettle then i wont have this worry
I know well that not using it mean
I can never drink boiled water ,
cant make hot chocolate...
But i scare that painful touch..

Maybe one day,
I might try my best to use the kettle
to enlighten my life.
But it definitely not now...
trauma isnt that easy to get rid of.

I guess. it gonna take a long time
So, kettle or future kettles..
please keep a distance from me
Im not worth your wait...
You might never be used till the end of your waranty..

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