Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Back

It's not that I had forgotten about here,
It's not i had a better choice to blog,
It just simply because I dislike here,
Then I quit...

Here, once filled with all my sorrow-ness,
silly-ness, emo-ness...
I was too innocent till i think i can get rid from all this silly problems
If i was not here..

But now, harsh condition toughen me 
I know what i should do 
I know where i should be
And i know i suit HAPPY MODE more

Im back, Still the crazy
and sometime slightly blur KID
( i do believe im a KID!!!)
Love to laugh,
love to enjoy life
love to cry when i suppose to

PS: Sorry to anyone that once worry about me >.<
Im great at this position

I know im NOT always alone =))
and IT gonna take my some of my time to alter the blog =P
all mess up after changing the template


  1. Yes! U;re not alone....u've always got us by ur side :)

  2. Yeah be happy! That's what defines you :)