Saturday, October 8, 2011


Recently figure out something.
How should i start this story?
hmm, Now i have no idea,
Still bit blur about the whole thing
Just , hmm,
What i want to say is
  Never Try Never Know~

Sometime, U just gonna try something before you actually comment on it
because prejudice is not good for u and your life ;)
throw away all ur prejudice
widen ur view by trying more exciting stuff
stimulating all ur adrenaline dopamine or any other nonsense..
You may actually Love something u Hate =))
then u will be WISER

Currently Playing: Christina perri - Distance (x1000000)
                           Demi Lavato - Skyscrapper (x10000)
                           We are the king - Say u like me (x100)
P/S: Christina perri seriously awesome, shes da Queen for Emo, Drug for Emo =))

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