Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Sem 2011

There are some things i want to do in the new sem, if possible.

1.) Try to sleep before 12am.
2.) Try to eat healthy. Better replaced outside meal with self-cooked dishes.
3.) Try to eat less. Endure Oat porridge with marmite and biscuit and salad! Must slim.
4.) Try to do more exercise. Gym at least once a week. If possible everyday. ( well, it is kinda mission                       impossible)
5.) Try to use more swimming suit. I bought it not to keep it.
6.) Try to do sit up everyday before sleep. at least 50 times. and increase with time.
7.) Try to think positive, relax, Chill and enjoy life.
8.) Try to mix with more friend.
9.) Love people around me. Try to tell them I LOVE U everyday.
10.) Try to give people hug. I love hugs, hugs is meaningful =)
11.) Smile always. Happy or Sad , SMILE
12.) Not to cry again, neither when u are down nor watch drama series. =(
13.) Stay in PBL room as long as possible to study. You know, consistent study is essential.
14.) Do revision everyday, Do notes, at least some, to comfort myself before EOS.
15.) Willing to discuss with everyone, not just certain good friends.
16.) Try avoid trouble, that are super UNO-like, which will stick to u and influence your daily life.
17.) Stop being blur, drop things everywhere. Be organised.
18.) Try to cheer people around me when they are sad. Dont IGNORE
19.) Have a trip with my friends, Anywhere will do, as long as is a trip WITH FRIENDS =)
20.) TRY NOT TO LAUGH LIKE SIAO KIA. control yourself. take care of your fragile image. ;)

GOD BLESS i will do these all. I hope i can accomplished though some really really. WOW, HARD.

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