Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weird day weird thoughts

I realised I'm very emotional.. small thing is enough to made me emo, sad.. to have some weird thought.

Well, this time I cannot blame hormone again. Although I really wished that I can blame hormone. Why I am that weird?  I promised myself something. I promised not to care too much, I promised to be tough,  I promised myself that I can do everything very fine very well though only myself doing these  thing... I promised myself to be an new era women,  less dependent more confidence

You know,  I realise the only thing that repay you is study and career. These two thing output is directly proportional to input. Afterall,Balance is the most critical element in life. When having balance in life,  you will live more happily and satisfied.

Okie. I know I'm weird enough already... that's all BA...kthxbye

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